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Jun 29, 2009

Wt Is LTP, Open Price, Low Price,High Price and Close Price.

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LTP, Open Price, Low Price, High Price and Close Price terms are Mainly used to represent Particular scrip prices at different levels. Each term is Explained clearly here. Read them perfectly. Don't get confused. After Reading if you have still doubts then post your doubts here in comments. then I will post reply for that. For better understanding I am pasting one PIC here. you can use that for clear understanding. Before continue reading please observe the image carefully.
Names written Under Scrip are Company names, next is Exchange, Next is LTP, Open Price, Low and High Prices are in order.

Here is the Explanation.

What Is LTP (Last Traded Price) :
Full form of LTP is Last Traded Price. It means It shows the Latest Buy or Sell Value and is also called as a Current Market Price. See in the above Pic. ICICI Bank LTP is shown as 767.55. If anybody wants to buy at that particular time when it shows LTP as 767.55 then they should buy at 767.55 only (market Price). If you want to buy a share lesser than the 767.55 then you can place order for lesser value but your order will be processed only when LTP comes to your offered price.
Tip: When you want to buy a share don't be hurry and buy at LTP. Always buy at lesser price by waiting.

What is Open Price:
Open Price is the Price at which particular scrip opened while Capital Market opens with a price. This is the price of a scrip when Stock Market opens in the morning. difference from yesterdays Close Price. See in picture ICICI Bank Open Price is 764.70. That means On that particular day ICICI Bank Opened at the price value of 764.70 in Equity Market.
Observe: Imagine you had purchased 1000 shares of ICICI bank at open Price(764.70) in the morning and sold 1000 shares at LTP of (767.55) later around afternoon then you would get 2.85 profit per share. and for 1000 shares you would get 2850 profit. This is the case for that day.. but don't excite and buy faster. be careful you will also loose in the same way if you don't use Stop Loss.

What Is Low Price:
Low price is the price at which one particular scrip Traded(Buy/Sell) at very low price on that day. in other way this is the lowest price of particular company for that day. See in picture ICICI Bank Low Price is 745.15

What Is High Price:
High price is the price at which one particular scrip Buy or Sell Transaction executed at very High price on that day. See in picture ICICI Bank High Price is 771.75

What is Close Price:
Close Price is the price at which particular scrip traded last at closing time of Equity Market on previous day. See in picture ICICI Bank Close Price is 756.15. That means Previous day ICICI Bank Scrip Closed at 756.15. Close Price is Exactly the previous days LTP When Market Closes.(by 3:30pm)

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Anonymous said...

thanxx 4 this explanation.. it helped me to understand the terms ..perfectly :-)

Jitendra said...

What is Stop Loss ?

Anonymous said...

hmm.. got it

Anonymous said...

hey thanxx a lot fr making it simpler

sharetipsinfo said...
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Anonymous said...


thanks for the information it will so helpful for all whos new to share broking like me.

can you pls tell me what is TBQ and TSQ

Anonymous said...

thanks for the information will be so helpful for those whos new to share broking like me.

cld u pls tell us what is TTQ, TBQ, TSQ

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, if open Price is the Price at which particular scrip opened while Capital Market opens with a price difference from yesterdays Close Price then how come low price would be less than open price?

Cruiser said...

Hey Thats great.
Its helps a lot to understand and read the table easily and quickly.
Thanks a lot !

Mohsin Maniyar said...

Is previous days LTP means close price will be open price for next day..?

Anonymous said...

What is LTQ and TTQ said...


Anonymous said...

Wonderfull explanation...Thanx a lot

jaggu said...

Who opens the open price? and If i want to sell a share then how can i decide share price

pullender peddamari said...

how to buy a share?

Deepak Singh said...

Just need confirmation on my Knowledge....LTP is the last trading price of the day....that means it represent value of shares at the time of closing....but possibility is there that OTP will be different next day

johnny said...

thank you!!! very help ful!!!

santhosh said...

Sir could please explain me that if we want to buy,you said that we should buy at LTP which is last traded price then it should be constant, then how it is changing?

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